The Burren Backroom Series, launched in October of 2011, has already created many memorable, intimate, informal presentations. These shows are held in a truly atmospheric space, created by well-known traditional musicians Tommy & Louise McCarthy in Davis Square, Somerville, Masachusetts.  

Hosted by Brian O'Donovan of A "A Celtic Sojurn" on WGBH radio, these gatherings feature core performers from many aspects of traditional music as well as special guests, & conversations around the music.  

Tickets are $23 in advance, with a $5 discount for WGBH Members.  If you are a member, send an e-mail to celtic@wgbh.org & we will send you the code.

Upcoming Shows...   Seating is VERY limited and these events have been selling out, so get your tickets today!  

Tommy Keane, Jacqueline McCarthy & Friends (Uilleann Pipes & Concertina)

WEDNESDAY, APRIL 23rd @ 7:30pm

Tommy Keane & Jacqueline McCarthy Burren owner Tommy McCarthy comes from a large family raised in London and steeped (and I mean STEEPED) in traditional music.  Jacqueline is just one of them, and what a concertina player she is.  Her husband Tommy Keane, is recognized as one of the great Munster style Uilleann Pipers (he is from Waterford!) and together they make great music.  They also have wonderful children who in turn are remarkable and becoming well known musicians in their own right.  You never know who shows up to a concert like this, so plan on a special night indeed.   
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Matt and Shannon Heaton (CD Release Party) with
Kieran Jordan, Mark Roberts and Laurel Martin
(new trio)
(Double Bill)

WEDNESDAY, MAY 14th @ 7:30pm

Boston-based Matt & Shannon Heaton have become know for their distinctive approach to traditional & updated Irish music with voices, Irish flute, accordion, guitar & bouzouki.  Winner of Live Ireland's "Trad Fusion Album of the Year," they move seamlessly from harmony singing to driving flute tunes, to lush guitar lines, creating a big, layered, modern sound.  This performance will mark the triumphant release of a brand new CD so should feature a lot of musical friends & surprises as well.  

  Matt and Shannon Heaton
Laurel Martin, Mark Roberts, and Kieran Jordan  

Sharing the bill will be a brand new trio recently formed that features the fiddling of Laurel Martin, the diverse talents of Mark Roberts & the percussive footwork & old Irish style dancing of Kieran Jordan.  

What a celebration of the vibrant trad scene in Boston this show promises to be!! .

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Andy Irvine, with Marla Fibish & Bruce Victor

Andy Irvine

WEDNESDAY, JUNE 4th@ 7:30pm

This is one of the most anticipated concerts in the series to date. Andy Irvine is truly an icon of traditional and now, contemporary Irish music.  As a member of Sweeny's Men, then Planxty, and most recently Patrick Street, his ensemble playing has created its own unique style of approach to the music. As a solo artist, his original songs have simply become part of the tradition, and his collaborations with Paul Brady, and Dick Gaughan are the recordings of legend.

Opening for Andy, will be a duo from the Bay Area, amazing mandolin and guitar and vocals. Marla Fibish and Bruce Victor. (Marla released one of my fav string albums with Corkman, Jimmy Crowley a few years ago, which first brought her to my attention).

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Vishten, with Padraig Rynne/Ryan McIvor 
(Double Bill)

WEDNESDAY, June 25th @ 7:30pm

Prince Edward Island is swathed in the mixing bowl of French, English, Scottish, and Irish music, and Vishten is one of the great exponents of what its distinct music tradition has become.  Their newest CD Mozaik, is a beauty indeed and I have seen them perform live in Newfoundland where I was blown away by their musicality, versatility, and sheer energy.  Just watch the video on the left to know see exactly what I mean.

Padraig Rynne and Ryan McIvor  

Padraig Rynne on concertina, with Ryan McIvor on vocals and guitar have already provided us with a stellar music performance when they wandered through Boston last year.  Padraig is such a terrific exponent of the Clare style on that unique instrument, and his humor kept us in stitches during that set.  Ryan is known for his singing,tasty guitar accompaniment and broad influences which include Irish, Appalachian, Blues and contemporary Americana.   

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Matt Cranitch, Jackie Daly & Paul De Grae
(with support)

WEDNESDAY, July 23rd @ 7:30pm

Cranitch, Daly & DeGrae Matt Cranitch was with us last year as part of Sliabh Notes.  And he joined us for a St. Patrick's Day Celtic Sojourn in Sander's Theatre with Jackie Daly, the great accordion player (and one-time DeDannan and Patrick Street member)  They are joined by one of my personal favorite accompaniment players in Paul DeGrae.  

Have seen this trio numerous times at The Catskills Irish Arts Weeks. They are not to be missed!
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Teada, with Seamus Begley

WEDNESDAY,JULY 30th @ 7:30pm

Back for the second year in what might become a tradition, Teada is just a GREAT band!   Simple as that.  They have been around for quite a while and have recorded several albums.  Two years ago, they were with us for our St. Pats show at Sanders and New Bedford and really wowed the audiences.  Top notch individual players who come together seamlessly.


Add in Seamus Begley and you have a combination of accordion player, dancer, raconteur, and rogue.  Oh and by the way, one of the sweetest, ancient, purist, old-style singing voice you will come across.  Add a repertoire of the great Gaelic and English songs from his native Kerry and you are in for a treat indeed.  

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  More shows coming up...stay tuned!